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Common Resource Ltd   trading-member-icon

Designing resource management, engagement, & local currency and measurement (open mon...


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Eastbourne Eco Action Network CIC   trading-member-icon

Providing financial, logistical, and administrative support for cross-community colla...


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BicycleLife   trading-member-icon

Providing a variety of bicycle related services: inclusive cycling (helping organise ...


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Community & Economic Regeneration Consultants Ltd   trading-member-icon

Community Regeneration Consultants


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Kilnergreen Woodworkers   trading-member-icon

Joinery and furniture manufacture


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Fanfield Farm   trading-member-icon

Organic community farm growing fruit and vegetables for a box scheme, and local markets.


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AidIQ   trading-member-icon

Intelligent Business Solutions for the Humanitarian and Development Community


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Redfield Yoga   trading-member-icon

Yoga classes and retreats


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earthli skincare   trading-member-icon

Small batch natural skincare products


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David Thorne Counselling & Psychotherapy   trading-member-icon

I am a self employed counsellor and psychotherapist based in Balham, south London. I ...


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