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Sally Mareike Healing & Ceramics   trading-member-icon

Sally Mareike Ceramics is a nature-inspired studio in Hampshire. We design, make and ...


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Mr Steve Huckle   trading-member-icon

I am an experienced developer who has just completed a PhD on blockchain technologies...


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London School of Mosaic   trading-member-icon

Train students in mosaic fine art, premises run as social infra-structure, creating ...


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enCircle   trading-member-icon

IT consultancy providing hosting, software development, security and managed services.


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Aweside Farm   trading-member-icon

Organic farm growing edible flowers, cut flowers, vegetables and fruit.


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York Collective   trading-member-icon

York Collective is a bicycle logistics cooperative, operating within the outer ring r...


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A Fairer Society   trading-member-icon

We manage a housing development process where everyone works in partnership and has a...


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Shumaisa Khan   trading-member-icon

I have an eclectic background spanning project management and research, to nature-bas...


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SO Sustainable   trading-member-icon

Zero waste refill store


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Astral Dynamics Cyf   trading-member-icon

Software Development and Innovation


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