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MediaBlaze Hosts   trading-member-icon

Web hosting


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A Fairer Society   trading-member-icon

We manage a housing development process where everyone works in partnership and has a...


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Shumaisa Khan   trading-member-icon

I have an eclectic background spanning project management and research, to nature-bas...


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SO Sustainable   trading-member-icon

Zero waste refill store


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Astral Dynamics Cyf   trading-member-icon

Software Development and Innovation


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James Betteress Construction and Timber Services   trading-member-icon

Construction, carpentry, joinery and Sawmilling. Specialising in converting local tr...


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Sash Window Restoration Winslow Ltd   trading-member-icon

Restoration, renovation and conservation of timber framed windows. I provide all aspe...


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Big Seeds Design    trading-member-icon

Content design, marketing, SEO, community grief tending rituals and ceremonies, hand ...

St Albans

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Ronan Sandford   trading-member-icon

software consultant, software engineering


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United Diversity   trading-member-icon

We help to empower people build community develop co-operatives and create commons. W...


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